Empaths: What are 7 Different Types?

Many empaths can attest that they often feel emotionally exhausted since they always absorb the emotions of everyone else.

Given that the core element of empathy is feeling, this makes perfect sense.

However, being an empath can mean so much more than just absorbing the joys and pains of others.

Surprisingly, there are seven different types of empaths and only two deal with absorbing the feelings of others.

The Seven Different Types of Empaths

Psychiatrist and author of the book “The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People,” Judith Orloff identifies the eight types of empaths and what the characteristics of each one is.

1. Physical Empath

When you are attuned to the physical symptoms of other people and tend to absorb them into your body, you are a physical empath. This transcends naturally contagious gestures like yawning and laughter. 

For instance, if you have a friend who is in the throes of a very painful migraine, you will likely feel some tension in your temples as well. If you will babysit a pubescent relative, you can expect to develop a new zit.

On the flip side, other people’s sense of well being can energize you as well. That said, if you are a physical empath, it would be great to get yourself a dedicated gym buddy.

2. Intuitive Empaths

Emotional empathy is considered a component of intuitive empaths but it is not a defining factor. While emotional empaths can pick up the emotions of others, intuitive empaths can sense the unspoken in terms of what is currently going on.

You can liken intuitive empathy to having a very thorough and almost holistic kind of superpower. Intuitive empaths often experience extraordinary perceptions like plant communication and heightened intuition. 

3. Emotional Empaths

As the name implies, emotional empaths are those who pick up on the emotions of others. So when your friend gets a promotion, you can feel their relations and happiness as if you have been promoted yourself.

However, you can get drained and exhausted by friends who complain constantly and who dwell in the negative. If you are an emotional empath, you have the tendency to get drained by emotional vampires. 

If you are an emotional empath, it is important that you know how to differentiate other people’s emotions and feelings from your own and that you practice self-care at all times.

4. Plant Empaths

If you connect with the essence of plants and feel their needs, then you are a plant empath. Those who drink with their succulents and wilt with their blooms are not only great plant lovers, they can also make wonderful friends of people.

If you are a plant empath, it is likely that you can also offer tenderness and compassion to others without any agenda or expecting anything in return.

5. Dream Empaths

Dream empaths receive intuitive information that can help them and others through their dreams. Typically, dream empaths are gifted at vividly remembering dreams so they can source wisdom from maybe a deceased relative or a talking fox.

Dream empaths can also effortlessly read between the lines and tease meaning from their own dreams and that of others.

6. Animal Empaths

Animal empaths are those who have a special connection with animals and can feel their needs and can communicate with them in a soothing manner. Animal empaths are likely to fill their Pinterest boards with vegan recipes since they cannot stomach any form of violence toward animals.

7. Earth Empaths

Earth empaths have the same vibe to plant empaths—both have their minds tuned to nature. While plant empaths are more attuned to indoor ferns and plants, earth empaths relate more to what is going on in the universe.

Earth empaths are also attuned to the weather, the solar system, and the planet. So if there’s a coming earthquake, many earth empaths can feel it beforehand. 

Over to You

Which of the seven types of empaths do you belong to? How are you using your gift of empathy to help others?